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Dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Mojave Desert.


In Focus

We are a content studio, so our main role on any project is bringing ideas to life – creatively and visually. We work all under one roof as directors, shooters, editors & animators, so whatever your visual requirement we have the resource to bring that idea to life.

 We have the capabilities to develop of offer full social media campaigns; developing social media strategies, creative strategies, creative execution, creative production and final distribution through media buying partners.

 We are set up to work with both agencies and brands, whether in-house production teams, producers, agency producers, project managers, social media managers, brand managers, CEOs or CMOs.

 Shoot To Kill are there to support your projects in whatever way you need us, plugging in to the way you need us to work or running on our own. We understand that in a digital world no one size fits all.

Bringing ideas to life from conception to delivery


Dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Mojave Desert.

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Creative Content Services




creative IDEATION & conception

We provide a process and structure for creating visual content that brings brand work to life in a digital, social & connected world. Our creative is informed by insights and data or created to a creative brief. Each project is approached with killer creative instinct - there is no one size fits all. We are relentlessly searching for that killer concept, the ideas that push boundaries and the work that wins audience attention.



online Film & social video

People gaze 5x longer at video than static content across Facebook & Instagram. So unsurprisingly, this is our most valuable tool for engaging with audiences; platform specific content, whether traditional 4K and HD, Square, vertical video and beyond. From small nimble teams to full scale productions anywhere in the world.




Static images are used in various ways throughout a campaign and we deliver images for all stages of the campaign process. These can be used in Facebook canvas ads, banners, Instagram posts, carousels and stories. These can also extend to GIFs and cinemagraphs. We are always looking for new and engaging ways to bring our content to life (literally!)



Motion Graphics, animation & 3D

Theres many ways we can tell stories or bring a campaign to life. Motion graphics, animation and 3D are one of the most exciting when exploring the bigger and more imaginative projects. Whether short simple animations or high to end polished 3D worlds. The impossible becomes possible when we introduce these skills.



dynamic content

Personalisation of content is key to what drives performance online. We understand that brands have tens, hundreds, thousands of different audiences and we create work that speaks to each and every one of them individually. We identify where they are online, the channels to reach them, their behaviours, their motivations, their preferences & their interests. This is 21st century content marketing at its best.




A significant part of every great film is created in the edit room and there’s no exception here. From offline cuts, animation & online colour grades to final sound mix - the post process happens all under one roof and under our gaze.


Dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Mojave Desert.

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Our work lives on social channels



Instagram social videos and films


 Platform native work for brands - in 1:1, 16:9 or 9:16. Work that is created specifically to live on the platform. 

Youtube videos and film


TrueView in-stream ads, TrueView video discovery ads, bumper ads and pre-rolls.    

Facebook videos and films


Platform native work for brands in 16:9 or 4:5 portrait - created specifically for Facebook audiences.